Crowdin Enterprise accounts are tied to individuals. With Crowdin Enterprise account you’ll be able to create a new, unique Organization or join an existing one to collaborate within localization projects of a separate organization.

This article will cover the basic settings to make your account up and running.

Signing Up

Whether you sign up for a Crowdin Enterprise yourself or are invited by someone else, start by creating an account. Read more about creating an Organization and signing up from an invite in the article about Organizations.

Jelszó visszaállítása

To reset password, please follow these steps:

  1. Click Forgot your password?
  2. Enter the email address that is associated with the account.
  3. Kattintson a Folytatás gombra.

You can also change the password in the Security tab, Account Settings.
account password reset

Find Your Workspace

Here is the fastest way to locate the Organizations you have permission to access:

  1. Open the login page.
  2. Click Can’t remember your workspace?.
    account sign-in
  3. Add your email address.
  4. Click Get Link and we’ll send you sign-in links for the Crowdin Enterprise organizations associated with the address you enter.
    account find workspace

Fiók beállítások

You can find Account Settings under the user icon in the top menu bar.

account settings

Personal Info

Update your Account with relevant information and set a profile photo.

Note: Username can’t be changed.

account personal info


Change your current password, manage two-factor authentication for the Account, and check linked applications. You can also control authentication for external services and log out of all the devices.

account security


Enable notifications you’d like to receive and disable the ones that demand less attention. Select the types of events in Crowdin Enterprise, and channels to receive the updates, and set notification rules for particular projects.

account notifications

Click disclosure button next to the notification channel and select the alerts you’d like to receive.
in-app notifications

Access Tokens

Generate and manage personal access tokens to work with Crowdin Enterprise API, CLI, and plugins.

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