Платежи и счета

How Payments Work

Crowdin Enterprise subscription plans are billed annually. Annual plans are purchased in one payment, which is then assessed as an account balance. Crowdin Enterprise withdraws from this balance a corresponding amount each billing cycle.

As the number of your managers and hosted words can change over time, you can upgrade or downgrade at any point. Цена вашего предыдущего годового плана будет пересчитана пропорционально стоимости новой подписки после начала нового месячного цикла выставления счетов.

For example, if you make an annual payment for the Business plan and downgrade to the Team+ plan, your credit will last longer than a year. Likewise, if you purchase Team+ and upgrade to Business over time, the credit may run out in less than a year.

As the annual subscription doesn’t renew automatically, we will send you a reminder that your current subscription expires soon once your account balance goes below two months. To continue using Crowdin, it would be necessary to purchase a new subscription.

Скачивание Счетов-Фактур

To download invoices in Crowdin Enterprise, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Organization Settings > Billing.
  2. Click View payment history.
  3. Choose the needed invoice from the list and click Download.

Download Invoice

Note: The View payment history section might be empty if you requested an invoice to purchase your Crowdin Enterprise subscription.

Also, you can download invoices via FastSpring, our payment processing partner.

  1. Go to the FastSpring Account Management page.
  2. Для входа в систему, укажите ту электронную почту, которая была использована при подписке на Crowdin Enterprise.
  3. Нажмите Продолжить.

If you have active Crowdin app subscriptions, they will be represented in the downloaded invoice along with the primary Crowdin Enterprise subscription.

Downloaded Invoice

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