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WordPress Crowdin plugin allows you to setup and manage a multilingual WordPress website. The plugin offers a way to maintain a dynamic multilingual content on your site. Translations made in Crowdin are automatically synchronized with your WordPress site.


  • WordPress 3.5+
  • Multisite mode activated (http://codex.wordpress.org/Create_A_Network)
  • PHP 5.3+

Setting Up the Plugin in the Network Menu

  • Set WordPress to the multisite mode if it’s not active yet
  • Download the WP Crowdin plugin from the Integrations tab in the Project Settings and install through the WordPress admin section -> Plugins
  • In the Network Plugins list, click Network Activate for WP Crowdin plugin
  • On the left panel, click the Crowdin plugin, type your Crowdin credentials and specify the project to which localizable WordPress content should be uploaded.

  • To add a new language, click the “Add site” link in the Sites dialog.

Localizable Content Management (Primary Site Menu)

Nevertheless the synchronization is automatic and all translations made in Crowdin are uploaded to your WordPress site, it is possible to check the translation progress of each language and edit existing translations directly via WordPress.

  • Click the My Sites head menu, select your main site and switch to the WP-Crowdin plugin from the left panel
  • Select a necessary post type (Posts, Pages, Media). You can edit the main post or view the translation progress on the other sites (languages).
  • After clicking the View Translations link, you can check the translation progress of individual languages.

If the post was edited manually in one of the sites that is not your main site, the synchronization for this post will be interrupted and you will see a notification icon near the modified post title. In order to resume the synchronization, click the Apply Latest Translations button situated across the post.

Utilizing the In-Context Feature

It is possible to activate the In-Context translations for your WordPress site, so your translators and proofreaders can view translations in a real-time.

  • Add a new site that will be used as an activation point for In-Context
  • Specify this site as the In-Context site in the plugin’s settings
  • After opening the site where the In-Context is active, the translation mode will become available instantly, just type your Crowdin account credentials and select a preferred language in the appeared dialog.

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