Plugin for Visual Studio Code

Integrate your Visual Studio Code projects with Crowdin Enterprise to optimize the localization process. Plugin allows uploading new source strings instantly to your Crowdin Enterprise project and downloading translations.

Файл конфигурации

To work with this plugin in the VS Code workspace, there should be Crowdin Enterprise configuration file called either crowdin.yml or crowdin.yaml.

Пример файла конфигурации:

"project_id": "projectId"                   #open project and go to Resources > Integrations & API > Integration tool "api_token": "personal-access-token"        #open project and go to Resources > Integrations & API > Integration tool "base_path": "/project-base-path" "base_url": "https://{organization-name}"

"files": [
  { "source": "/locale/en/folder1/*.xml", "translation": "/locale/%two_letters_code%/folder1/%original_file_name%" },
  { "source": "/locale/en/folder2/*.txt", "translation": "/locale/%two_letters_code%/folder2/%original_file_name%" } ]


Follow these steps to setup Crowdin Plugin for VS Code:

  1. Prepare crowdin.yml or crowdin.yaml configuration file and add it to the needed workspace in VS Code.
  2. Install Crowdin plugin using one of the following methods:
    • open VS Code Extensions (Ctrl+Shift+X), search for Crowdin and click Install
    • launch VS Code Quick Open (Ctrl+P), paste the command below, and press Enter
      ext install Crowdin.vscode-crowdin
  3. Crowdin plugin scans each VS Code workspace to find Crowdin Enterprise configuration file (crowdin.yml or crowdin.yaml). It automatically builds the tree with source files in Crowdin Explorer component available on your Activity Bar.
  4. Use upward and downward arrows in Crowdin Explorer component to upload source files to Crowdin Enterprise and download translations correspondingly.
    Crowdin Explorer

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