Android SDK

Crowdin SDK allows delivering new translations from the Crowdin Enterprise project to your application immediately. Using integration with Crowdin SDK there will be no need to update the application in the Google Play Store every time there is a new localization version.

L’integrazione fornisce:

  • Consegna Contenuto Sull’Aria - i file localizzati possono essere inviati all’applicazione dal progetto ogni volta che sia necessario.
  • Real-Time Preview – all the translations that are done in the Editor can be shown in your version of the application in real-time. View the translations already made and the ones you’re currently typing in.
  • Screenshot - tutti gli screenshot fatti nell’applicazione possono essere automaticamente inviati al tuo progetto di Crowdin Enterprise con stringhe d’origine taggate.


Requirements to integrate Android application with a project in Crowdin Enterprise:

Strumento di Sviluppo

  • Versione SDK Android 16+

Linguaggio di Programmazione App

  • Versione Java 8+
  • Versione Kotlin 1.3+

Distribuzioni e Release

Configure the distribution to mirror the translated content of your project and integrate with the Android app. Read more about Distributions.


To configure Android SDK integration, follow these steps:

  1. Set up Distribution in Crowdin Enterprise.
  2. Set up SDK and enable Over-The-Air Content Delivery feature using Android Studio.

Configurazione Distribuzione

To configure distribution, follow these steps:

  1. Open your project and go to Applications > System.
  2. Find Android SDK and click Connect. Integrazione di Android
  3. Define distribution. You can:
    • Add new distribution using the Create Distribution button. Select only the files translations for which you want to be shown in your application and click Create
      Create Distribution
    • Select existing distribution (if any). Pay attention to the Last release time and, if needed, release distribution using the Over-The-Air Content Delivery tab. Distribuzione Esistente
  4. Copy the distribution hash so you can use it for integration.
Nota! Attualmente, le Lingue Personalizzate, i Dialetti, e la Mappatura della Lingua non sono supportate per l'integrazione Android.

Crowdin SDK Setup

To integrate SDK with your application, you need to enable Over-The-Air Content Delivery so that the application can pull translations from the CDN vault. For this, follow step-by-step instructions located in our GitHub repository.

Advanced Features

Real-time Preview

This feature allows translators to see translations in the application in real-time. Managers and the QA team can also use it to preview translations before release.


Enable this feature if you want all the screenshots made in the application to be automatically sent to your Crowdin Enterprise project with tagged strings. This way, translators will have an additional context for the source strings.


Richiesto per tutte le funzioni
hash_tua_distribuzioneUnique hash, which you can get by going to Integrations > Content Delivery. To see the distribution hash, click on the needed distribution, select Edit and copy distribution hash.
Richiesto per le funzioni avanzate
source_languageSource language of your Crowdin Enterprise project (e.g., "en").
Credenziali di autorizzazione Crowdin. Open the project and go to Applications > System > Android SDK. In the Advanced features section, click on the needed feature, and click Get Credentials.
network_typeTipo di rete da usare. Puoi selezionare NetworkType.ALL, NetworkType.CELLULAR, o NetworkType.WIFI
interval_in_milisecAggiorna intervalli in millisecondi

Modelli di Esportazione File

You can set file export patterns and check existing ones using File Settings. I seguenti segnaposto sono supportati per l’integrazione Android:

Nome Descrizione
%language% Nome della lingua (es. Ucraino)
%two_letters_code% Codice linguistico ISO 639-1 (es., uk)
%three_letters_code% Codice linguistico ISO 639-2/T (es., ukr)
%locale% Locale (es., uk-UA)
%locale_with_underscore% Locale (es., uk_UA)
%android_code% Identificatore Locale Android usato per denominare le directory "values-"


Crowdin Android SDK CDN feature is built with security in mind, which means minimal access possible from the end-user is required. When you decide to use Crowdin Android SDK, please make sure you’ve made the following information accessible to your end-users.

  • We use the advantages of Amazon Web Services (AWS) for our computing infrastructure. AWS ha la certificazione ISO 27001 ed ha completato molti controlli SSAE 16. AWS ha la certificazione ISO 27001 ed ha completato molti controlli SSAE 16.
  • When you use Crowdin Android SDK CDN – translations are uploaded to Amazon CloudFront to be delivered to the app and speed up the download. Keep in mind that your users download translations without any additional authentication.
  • We use encryption to keep your data private while in transit.
  • We do not store any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) about the end-user, but you can decide to develop the opt-out option inside your application to make sure your users have full control.
  • The Automatic Screenshots and Real-Time Preview features are supposed to be used by the development team and translators team. Those features should not be compiled to the production version of your app. Therefore, they should not affect end-users privacy in any way.


Q: What might cause the occasional delay in getting the latest translations in the app?
A: CDN caches all the translations in release for up to 1 hour. When new translations are released in Crowdin Enterprise, CDN may still return them with a delay.

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