Impostazione integrazione API

Please consider that API 2.0 is now the preferred version to be used. The old API will remain fully functional until the end of 2021.

Crowdin API v2

Crowdin provides RESTful API with XML or JSON over HTTP using GET or POST methods. Listed below are all the available API methods that allow you to create projects in Crowdin, add and update files, download translations or integrate localization with your development process.

Acquiring and Using API Key

To find your Account API key you have to login to your Crowdin account. Open Account Settings page and switch to API tab.

Please note that almost all API calls require the Project Identifier (ID). You can find your project identifier in the Project settings > API & Webhooks tab.

Making Requests

For every API request you make, you'll need to present the Account API key and username as main URI parameters to be authenticated. Keep your Account API key in secret! It should be guarded just as your regular account password.

Here's an example and principle of API request URI forming.


Typical API call URL looks like this: First placeholder (keyword in brackets) holds project identifier. Account API key and username are specified as a URI parameters.

Rate Limits

The number of simultaneous API calls per account is 20 requests. If the limit is exceeded, 429 error code will show up with a message: “Maximum number of concurrent requests for this endpoint is reached. Please try again shortly.”

Using Postman

Postman is a tool that allows you to work with Crowdin API in a simple way.

All the available Crowdin API methods are already saved as a collection in Postman. Click Run in Postman to import and open this collection directly in your Postman app.


Aggiungi File

Aggiungi un nuovo file al progetto di Crowdin.

Aggiorna file

Upload the latest version of your source files (the ones, that should be localized) to your Crowdin project.

Elimina file

Delete file from Crowdin project. All the translations will be lost without ability to restore them.

Carica traduzione

Upload existing translations to your Crowdin project. Method is not working for Assets localization.

Stato della traduzione

Track overall translation and proofreading progresses of each target language. Default response format is XML.

Stato della lingua

Get the detailed translation progress for specified language.

Dettagli Progetto

Get Crowdin Project details.

Problemi segnalati

Get a list of issues reported in the Editor.

Esporta file

This method exports single translated files from Crowdin. Additionally, it can be applied to export XLIFF files for offline localization.

Esporta traduzioni

Build ZIP archive with the latest translations.

Stato di esportazione della traduzione

Get the status of translations export.

Scarica traduzioni

Download a ZIP file with translations. You can choose the language of translation you need or download all of them at once.


Pre-translate Crowdin project files.

Progetti dell'account

Get projects list.

Crea progetto

Create Crowdin project.

Modifica progetto

Edit Crowdin project.

Elimina progetto

Delete Crowdin project with all translations.

Aggiungi cartella

Aggiungi directory al progetto Crowdin.

Cambia cartella

Rename directory or modify its attributes. When renaming directory the path can not be changed (it means new_name parameter can not contain path, name only).

Elimina cartella

Delete Crowdin project directory. All nested files and directories will be deleted too.

Scarica il Glossario

Download Crowdin project glossaries as TBX, CSV, or XLSX file.

Carica Glossario

Upload your glossaries for Crowdin Project in TBX, CSV or XLS/XLSX file formats.

Scarica MdT

Download Crowdin project Translation Memory as TMX, CSV, or XLSX file.

Carica MdT

Carica la tua Memoria di Traduzione per il formato del file TMX, CSV o XLS/XLSX del Progetto Crowdin.

Lingue supportate

Get supported languages list with Crowdin codes mapped to locale name and standardized codes.

Pseudo Esportazione

Generate pseudotranslation files for the whole project.

Pseudo Download

Download ZIP file with pseudo translations.

Esporta report costi di calcolo

Generate Costs Estimation report to have an insight on how to plan the budget. This report allows you to calculate the approximate translation cost of currently untranslated strings in the project.

Scarica il Report di stima dei costi

Download previously generated Costs Estimation report.

Esporta report costi di traduzione

Generate Translation Costs report to calculate the real translation cost and know how much your translators and proofreaders should be paid.

Scarica il Report dei costi traduzione

Download previously generated Translation Costs report.

Esporta report dei migliori membri

Generate Top Members report to know who contributed the most to your project's translation during the specified date range.

Scarica il Report dei migliori membri

Download previously generated Top Members report.

SDK Java di Crowdin API

Crowdin API Java SDK helps you smooth the work with all Crowdin API methods in your Java project, such as adding and updating files, downloading translations or integrating localization with your development process.

Crowdin API Java SDK →

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