Szerepkörök és jogosultságok

Users have different permissions depending on the roles they have in the Organization, particular Group, Subgroup, or Project.

Organization members can have manager, translator, or proofreader roles. You can also assign a Vendor to the workflow step of a Project. The Vendor Organization will access only the assigned workflow step from your project.


Managers can be assigned on the Organization, Group, or Subgroup level. Managers inherit manager access to all the child entities of the managed Organization, Group, or Subgroup.

Organization Managers manage Projects within the whole Organization and can access all the Groups and Subgroups.

Group Managers manage Projects within the Group and inherit manager access to all the Subgroups of the managed Group.

Project Managers manage only the project they are invited to.


Translators and Proofreaders are Organization members with limited access. They will access only those workflow steps managers assign them to.

Proofreaders don’t have access to project settings, can translate and approve strings.

Translators can translate strings and vote for suggestions.

Vendors are separate organizations providing professional translation services. After you invite a Vendor to the project, the Vendor Organization receives a copy of the assigned workflow step in the Incoming Projects tab of their Organization.

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