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File Sample

Note: The ADOC document attributes are not translatable.
= The Article Title
Name Surname <>
1.0, Jan 01, 2022: AsciiDoc article sample
:icons: font

Article preamble.

== Level 1 Section Title

The paragraph with font styles: a *bold* word and an _italicized_ word.

.Image caption
image::image-file-name.png[Image Alt Text]

The paragraph with a footnote.footnote:[Footnote text that will be displayed at the bottom of the article.]

=== Level 2 Section Title

.Unordered list title
* list item 1
** nested list item
*** nested nested list item 1
*** nested nested list item 2
* list item 2

The paragraph.

==== Level 3 Section Title

.Table title
|Column heading 1 |Column heading 2

|Column 1, row 1
|Column 2, row 1

|Column 1, row 2
|Column 2, row 2

== Level 1 Section Title

TIP: There are five admonition labels: Tip, Note, Important, Caution and Warning.

// Some comment that won't be rendered.

. ordered list item
.. nested ordered list item
. ordered list item

== Level 1 Section Title

This is a link to the[Asciidoctor documentation].
This is an attribute reference {url-quickref}[that links this text to the AsciiDoc Syntax Quick Reference].

Translating ADOC Files in WYSIWYG View

Note: Translation files exported from Crowdin might have slightly different formatting than in a source file.

While translating an ADOC file in addition to a regular string list view, its content can be displayed in a WYSIWYG view, in a form close to how the file looks rendered. This allows for translating strings taking into account the context of the entire document, which in turn results in higher quality translation.


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