Zendesk Guide Integration

Zendesk Guide is a help desk software by Zendesk. It helps to organize Knowledge Base articles, frequently asked questions, product details, policies, and other helpful content.

With Crowdin Enterprise integration with Zendesk Guide, you can offer customers support in their native language. Working in Crowdin Enterprise, your translators will be able to use Glossaries, Translation Memory, and other localization resources you’ve added to your project. This will help to keep translations consistent across languages.

How Does The Integration Work

Once you configure the integration, the content from your Zendesk Guide will be automatically added as XML files to your Crowdin Enterprise project. These XML source files are generated based on your Crowdin Enterprise project’s source language.

If you don’t have any content on your Zendesk Guide localized to the Crowdin Enterprise project’s source language, the primary language of the Zendesk Guide will be considered the source language, and the integration will add this content to Crowdin Enterprise.

You can localize articles, names, descriptions of your help desk categories and sections, as well as dynamic content. These texts will be added to the project as separate XML files.

Here’s how your project files will look after the successful configuration:

A separate folder is created for every category you choose to localize. This folder contains a file with the corresponding category name and description, as well as separate files with the names and descriptions for the sections, and separate files for articles. The numbers you’ll see in the folder and file names are the IDs of categories, sections, and articles in Zendesk Guide, they won’t be visible to your translators and proofreaders.

Once you have the files uploaded to the project, you can invite contributors to translate and proofread the texts. Learn about translation approaches you can use in Crowdin Enterprise.

To upload translations to your Zendesk Guide help center, you can both set up a sync schedule to add translations automatically to help desk within the set periods or launch sync instantly when needed. The sync schedule is the final step of the integration setup.

Preparing Zendesk Guide for Integration with Crowdin Enterprise

If you’re just starting with Zendesk Guide localization, here are a few things you might find helpful when integrating with Crowdin Enterprise.

Enabling Zendesk Guide for your Zendesk Account

To start working with the help center, you need to enable Zendesk Guide. Read more about Enabling Zendesk Guide.

Managing Help Center Content

Zendesk Guide structure consists of categories, sections, and articles. Add all the necessary content to your help center to sync it with your Crowdin Enterprise project. Read more about Creating and editing articles in your help center and Organizing knowledge base content in categories and sections.

Adding Languages to Help Center

To localize your help center to new target languages, you need to enable them in your Zendesk Guide settings. Read more about Adding Languages to Help Center.

Activating Help Center

Once your help center is ready, you can make it visible to end users. Read more about Activating help center.

Connecting Zendesk Guide with Crowdin Enterprise

  1. Open your project and go to Integrations > System.
  2. Click on Zendesk Guide in the Integrations list.
  3. Enter your help center URL (for example, https://support.mycompany.zendesk.com) and click Set Up Integration.
  4. Authorize the connection with Crowdin Enterprise on the Zendesk Guide side.

Zendesk Guide Integration Settings

After the successful authorization, you will be redirected back to Crowdin Enterprise. Click Settings to finish the setup. Zendesk Guide Integration Settings

In the Zendesk Guide integration settings you can configure the following parameters:

  • Push Translations Every 1/3/6/12/24 hours – Configure how often finished translations will be pushed to your Zendesk Guide. You can leave this option cleared and use the Sync Now button to launch synchronization manually once needed. Zendesk Guide Integration Sync Now
  • Synchronize – Select the content that will be uploaded from your Zendesk Guide. You can choose the Dynamic Content and categories you’d like to upload descriptions and articles from. You can choose All Categories or only some of the available. Read more about managing your Dymanic Content translations.
  • Translate Draft Articles – Select to synchronize articles that aren’t published.
  • Push translations as drafts – Depending on the publication status of your articles, this option’s behavior may differ. Let’s review the possible scenarios below:
    • Option selected (published articles) – If translated articles were published on Zendesk Guide before the translation upload from Crowdin Enterprise, the integration will push new translations and unpublish the articles.
    • Option selected (unpublished articles) – If translated articles weren’t published on Zendesk Guide before the translation upload from Crowdin Enterprise, the integration will push new translations and keep the articles unpublished.
    • Option cleared – The integration will push translations to your Zendesk Guide and won’t change the prior publication status of the articles.

Once you configured the integration, click Save.
Zendesk Guide Content

Uploading Translations from Zendesk Guide

By default, the translations stored on your Zendesk Guide are uploaded to Crowdin Enterprise during the first synchronization only. To upload translations to Crowdin Enterprise manually, click next to the Sync Now button, and click Upload Translations. The integration will upload existing translations to your Crowdin Enterprise project.

Zendesk Guide Upload Translations

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