Wix Answers Integration

Wix Answers is a cloud-based customer support platform. Integration with Wix Answers will help to streamline localization of help desk content. All the texts will be kept in sync between Crowdin Enterprise and Wix Answers.

After you set up the integration, articles from the Help Center will be automatically added as separate XML files to your Crowdin Enterprise project. You can also upload translated articles back to Wix Answers.

Prepare Wix Answers Articles for Localization

Add Supported Languages

Enable languages you want to support in your Wix Answers Help Center. To add new supported languages:

  1. Open Wix Answers account. Go to Settings.
  2. Hover over Account and click Time & Languages.
  3. Go to Supported languages section and click Add Language.
  4. Select a language.

Send Articles for Translation

Each of the articles you’d like to update with translations automatically should be sent for translation from your Wix Answers account. To send an article for translation:

  1. Go to Articles and hover over Article list.
  2. Open the necessary article and click the Translations icon from the footer menu.
  3. Select languages and click Next.
  4. Enter the task note and click Next. You can also leave this section blank and click Skip.
  5. Click Send to translation.

Getting API Keys to Wix Answers Account

You’ll need an API key and API Secret key to connect the Wix Answers Help Center with Crowdin Enterprise.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Under Tools, click on Webhooks & API.
  3. Go to the API Keys tab.
  4. Click Add API Key.
  5. Enter a name for your API Key and click Save.
  6. Copy the API Secret Key and save it for future use.
  7. Click Saved it, Done!

Connecting Wix Answers with Crowdin Enterprise

  1. Open the project and go to Resources > Integrations & API. Scroll down to the Wix Answers section and click Connect.
  2. Enter the Help Center URL, API Key, API Secret Key, and click Set Up Integration.

    Note: If you've connected a domain to your Help Center, enter the base URL that appears within your Wix Answers account (for example, https://username.wixanswers.com).
  3. Choose the time interval to configure the synchronization schedule, select categories you’d like to upload articles from, and click Save.
  4. In case, you want to launch synchronization instantly, click Sync Now.

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