The integration allows to organize the localization of your help desk Topics and Articles via Crowdin. All completed translations are automatically synchronized with your help desk.


  • The multilingual support should be activated on your site

  • The target languages specified in Crowdin project should be activated on your site and vice versa

Initial Setup

  • Enter the project settings in Crowdin and switch to the Integrations tab
  • Type the domain name of your helpdesk in the Desk section (i.e.

  • After being forwarded to the site, grant the access for Crowdin integration

  • Once the helpdesk is linked with Crowdin successfully, you will notice the Sync Now button in the Integrations tab

Working with Localizable Content

All translated files in Crowdin will be automatically synced with your helpdesk each 10 minutes.  Additionally, you can trigger the synchronization manually by clicking the Sync Now button.

Topics from are imported into a single .csv file. Articles are imported as separate files in .xml file format.