Crowdin’s integration with helps you synchronize source and translation files. So you can automate the localization of your help desk topics and articles via Crowdin.

Enabling Multilingual Support

Before you can set up the integration — enable’s multilingual support feature.

To enable the multilingual support feature, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Admin.
  2. Go to Settings > Multilingual Support > Advanced Settings.
  3. Choose the default language for your Support Center.
  4. Enable the target languages specified in Crowdin project on your site and vice versa.

Connecting with Crowdin

  1. Open Project Settings, Integrations tab in Crowdin. Scroll down to the section.
  2. Enter the domain name of your help desk.
  3. When forwarded to the site, grant Crowdin an access to your account.

File Synchronization

File synchronization is performed every 10 minutes. Both source files and translations are synchronized.
To trigger synchronization manually click Sync Now.

File Import

Topics from are imported into Crowdin as a single .csv file.
Articles are imported into Crowdin as separate .xml files.

Note: In case you add a translation for an article in manually or via integration with some other system these translations won’t be imported into Crowdin.

File Export

Once the integration is set up Crowdin creates translation files in to export translations into. Translated articles created by Crowdin and the existing topic translations will be updated.
By default, the last submitted translation suggestion for each string is exported. Configure translation export in Project Settings.

Translated Articles Export

To easily recognize which translated articles to update Crowdin adds a mark to each new one it creates. The mark is visible only to you in the editing mode.

In case you add a translation for an article in manually or via integration with some other system Crowdin won’t create another translation file to the same article and language. To replace translations in this file by the ones made in Crowdin, add the following mark at the end of the translated article:

<input id="crowdin-translatable" type="hidden"/>

Note: Once you add this mark to a translated article in, Crowdin will erase the existing translations in it.

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