Prismic Integration

Prismic is a content management system. To set up the localization process for your Prismic content, follow these steps:

  1. Export the translatable content from your Prismic repository in JSON format. Learn more.
  2. Email Crowdin customer success team at and inform that you’d like to start working with Prismic JSON files in your project.
    Customer success representatives will apply special pre-/post-processors to your project.
  3. Upload your JSON files into the Crowdin project using the web interface, API, or Сonsole Сlient (CLI).
    On import, the processors will convert your JSON files into HTML with a real-time preview that will make the translation process easier for your project members.
  4. In the Resulting file after translations export field, change the extension from HTML to JSON for each file you imported from Prismic. Read more about File export settings.

When the source files are uploaded to the Crowdin project, you can invite contributors to translate and proofread the texts. Learn how you can get content translated in Crowdin.

As soon as the translations are finished, download them from your Crowdin project using one of the following methods: web interface, API, or CLI. On export, the processors will convert the translated content back to the original JSON format.

After you downloaded your translations, they’re ready to be integrated into your Prismic repository.

Read more about importing your translated content.

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