Working with PDF, PSD, JS Files

Learn how you can adjust PDF, PSD, and JS files to translate them using Crowdin Enterprise.


Due to technical limitations PDF, PSD and JS file formats don’t have the translation preview, which makes it difficult to have them translated via the system. Most of the file formats alike are uploaded to the system as assets and have specific translation workflow. Still, several tools can help you convert the files to the formats we support and upload them for translations.

Note: Converted and exported texts may contain paragraphs, spaces or texts that don’t need to be translated. It’s important you check all such files before uploading to Crowdin Enterprise and configure them correspondingly.

Convert PDF Files

It’s recommended to convert PDF format to DOCX or HTML format before uploading files to Crowdin Enterprise. You might also want to convert PDF to XLSX format if your file has lots of tabular data. Below are some tools you can use for conversion.

Online Converters

Online tools that provide easy and fast way to convert PDF files.


Free converter for PDF files without any specific upload/download limits for documents up to 15 Mb.

It allows converting PDF to DOCX or DOC.


Free service for documents up to 200 pages or 50 Mb and 3 files uploads per hour. Uploaded files are automatically deleted after 2 hours.

It allows converting PDF to DOC, DOCX, TXT or XLSX.


Free service that includes conversion of up to 2 files in any 24 hour period and a maximum file upload limit of 150 MB.

It allows converting PDF to both Document formats (e.g. .docx, .xlsx, .txt) and Web formats (e.g. .html)

Desktop Apps

If you are continuously working with PDF files you might consider using a specific desktop application to convert them.

Adobe Acrobat DC

Application for PC and mobile devices.

It allows you to convert PDFs to DOC and XLSX.

Soda PDF Pro+OCR

Application for PC and Mac devices.

It allows you to convert PDFs to Word, HTML, and Excel.

Extract Texts from PSD Files

If you are working with Photoshop files it might be challenging to extract texts from them. Below are a couple of ways to ease the text extraction so you can upload files to Crowdin Enterprise.

Export all text for psd

Free plugin that allows you to extract texts from all opened PSD files to the TXT file format. Make sure to open one PSD file at a time to extract its texts to separate TXT file.


Command to extract texts from PSD documents through Command Line Interface (CLI).

JS vs JSON Files

JS files usually contain code which is not adjusted for localization and can not be correctly parsed by the localization tools. With that being said, the best solution would be generating key or value-based JSON file and upload it to Crowdin Enterprise.

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