A Java library to access Crowdin API. Crowdin provides RESTful API with XML or JSON over HTTP using GET or POST methods. With a help of this SDK you can smooth the work with all Crowdin API methods in your Java project, such as adding and updating files, downloading translations or integrating localization with your development process.


  • Java JDK 7 oder neuer
  • Gradle


  1. Clone the repo
    git clone
  2. Refresh project's dependencies using gradle
  3. Build the project to get jar file:
    gradle buildJavaSdkJar
  4. Fügen Sie diese Datei zu Ihrem Projekt hinzu

Making First Call

Once you have completed the Installation, you could make the first call:

  1. Create variables for API key, project identifier, account key, base url and save their values. Get more information how to get your project API key.
    public static final String  BASE_URL = "";
    public static final String  PROJECT_IDENTIFIER = "your-project-identifier";
    public static final String  PROJECT_KEY = "your-project-key";
    public static final String  ACCOUNT_KEY = "your-account-key";
  2. Create a Credentials object with proper configurations
    Credentials credentials = new Credentials(BASE_URL, PROJECT_IDENTIFIER, PROJECT_KEY, ACCOUNT_KEY);
  3. Create a CrowdinApiParametersBuilder object and set parameters necessary for chosen method (See the list of Crowdin API methods and their parameters)
    CrowdinApiParametersBuilder parameters = new CrowdinApiParametersBuilder();
  4. Create CrowdinApiClient object and choose the necessary API method
    CrowdinApiClient crwdn = new Crwdn();
    crwdn.getInfo(credentials, parameters);
    For output the response's entity:
    System.out.println(crwdn.getInfo(credentials, parameters).getEntity(String.class));
  5. Run the code using IDE or command line. It should return something like this:
        "created":"2016-11-09 07:20:33",
        "last_build":"2016-12-07 10:00:27",
        "last_activity":"2016-12-16 08:53:32",

Need help working with Crowdin API Java SDK or have any questions? Contact Support Team.

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