API-Einbindung einrichten

Bitte beachten Sie, dass API 2.0 jetzt die bevorzugte Version ist. Die alte API bleibt bis Ende 2021 voll funktionsfähig.

Crowdin API v2

Crowdin provides RESTful API with XML or JSON over HTTP using GET or POST methods. Listed below are all the available API methods that allow you to create projects in Crowdin, add and update files, download translations or integrate localization with your development process.

Acquiring and Using API Key

To find your Account API key you have to login to your Crowdin account. Open Account Settings page and switch to API tab.

Please note that almost all API calls require the Project Identifier (ID). You can find your project identifier in the Project settings > API & Webhooks tab.

Anfragen machen

For every API request you make, you'll need to present the Account API key and username as main URI parameters to be authenticated. Keep your Account API key in secret! It should be guarded just as your regular account password.

Here's an example and principle of API request URI forming.

GET https://api.crowdin.com/api/project/{project-identifier}/download/all.zip?login={username}&account-key={account-key}

Typical API call URL looks like this: https://api.crowdin.com/api/project/. First placeholder (keyword in brackets) holds project identifier. Account API key and username are specified as a URI parameters.

Rate Limits

The number of simultaneous API calls per account is 20 requests. If the limit is exceeded, 429 error code will show up with a message: “Maximum number of concurrent requests for this endpoint is reached. Please try again shortly.”

Postman benutzen

Postman ist ein Werkzeug, um ganz einfach mit der Crowdin-API zu arbeiten.

All the available Crowdin API methods are already saved as a collection in Postman. Click Run in Postman to import and open this collection directly in your Postman app.



Crowdin API Java SDK helps you smooth the work with all Crowdin API methods in your Java project, such as adding and updating files, downloading translations or integrating localization with your development process.

Crowdin API Java SDK →

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