Plugin for Android Studio

The plugin lets you integrate android project with Crowdin. It enables you to upload new source strings to the system instantly as well as download translations from your Crowdin project. Currently, translations from Android Studio aren’t sent to Crowdin.


To start using this plugin, create a file with project credentials named in the root directory of the project.

project-identifier=your-project-identifier project-key=your-project-key

Plugin will automatically find strings.xml file in the values directory and if renewed it will be uploaded to Crowdin instantly. If you have more source files or the source file’s name is other than strings.xml please specify this in the sources parameter.

sources=file1.xml, file2.xml

For Android Studio projects that use a git VCS, the plugin will automatically create corresponding branches in Crowdin. If you do not use branches feature in Crowdin, add disable-branches=true parameter into the configuration file.


Add auto-upload=false to prevent automatic file upload to Crowdin.


To download translations from Crowdin, choose in menu: Tools > Crowdin > Download. Translations will be exported to the Resources folder. This plugin automatically sets export patterns (the path where translations will be added into Android Studio), while uploading the source file to Crowdin. The export path for translations can’t be changed.


  1. Install plugin via JetBrains Plugin repository.
  2. Plugin automatically detects the file with sources strings (“**/values/strings.xml”). If changed, the file will be updated in Crowdin.
  3. Source file can also be manually uploaded to Crowdin via menu Tools > Crowdin > Upload or click the right mouse button on the file and select Upload to Crowdin.
  4. To download translations use menu Tools > Crowdin > Download. Translations will be exported to the resource folder (**/resources/values-uk/strings.xml, **/resources/values-fr/strings.xml, …)

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