IP Addresses and Domains

When you work with private integrations (e.g., integrations with self-hosted VCS) or use a firewall for your company network, you need to add dedicated Crowdin IP addresses and domains to the allowlist to ensure that it operates properly while staying secure. A similar approach is applicable when using Crowdin webhooks. To allow Crowdin to open the pre-configured URLs, add the respective IP addresses and domains to your firewall.

Bemærk: De nedenfor nævnte IP-adresser skiftes jævnligt.


Crowdin uses the following IP address to interact with the integrations:


Crowdin uses the following IP addresses to send the webhooks from:

Downloader lister over aktuelle IP-adresser

For nemheds skyld, kan integrations og webhook IP-adresser hentes i JSON-format:


Crowdin uses the following domains to provide its services from:

accounts.crowdin.com crowdin.com api.crowdin.com crowdin-assets.downloads.crowdin.com crowdin-importer.downloads.crowdin.com crowdin-packages.downloads.crowdin.com crowdin-screenshots.downloads.crowdin.com crowdin-static.downloads.crowdin.com crowdin-tmp.downloads.crowdin.com statics.crowdin.net distributions.crowdin.net badges.crowdin.net ws-lb.crowdin.com cdn.crowdin.com d2srrzh48sp2nh.cloudfront.net

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