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When you create a new project in Crowdin, the system automatically assigns the Default Workflow to it. The Default Workflow consists of the following steps: File Upload > Translation > Proofreading > Completion. The Custom Workflows feature allows you to ensure the highest translation quality possible. It also provides you with customization possibilities, with the help of which you can tailor the project workflow to your personal needs.

You can create and apply the individual workflow to each separate translation project or all projects created under your account. Using the Custom Workflow, you direct your strings through several stages that, besides the default ones, might include the Pre-translation via TM and MT along with the desired number of Proofreading steps. The proofreading might include editing, internal review, legal approval, QA, etc.

Adding a Custom Workflow

To add a custom workflow, follow these steps:

  1. Open your profile home page and go to the Workflows tab.
  2. Click to add your new custom workflow. Add Workflow
  3. Name your custom workflow and click Save. Naming the Workflow

Customizing the Workflow

When setting up your new workflow, you can add the Pre-translation step either via Translation Memory or the Machine Translation engine of your choice or both. This step triggers the automatic pre-translation each time your source content is updated (strings added or changed) in Crowdin.

To add the Pre-translation step to your workflow, select the respective options (Translation Memory or Machine Translation engine). Click to open the Translation Memory or Machine Translation engine settings. Pre-Translation Step Configuration

To add additional proofreading steps, click Add Proofreading. You can add as many proofreading steps as you need. Adding the proofreading step

Name your additional proofreading steps and click Save. Displayed profread steps

Assigning Workflows

  1. In the Workflow to Project table, click Edit toward the necessary project. Editing the project workflows
  2. In the appeared dialog, select a new workflow you’d like to assign to the project. Selecting the workflow
  3. After you select the preferred workflow, you will also be asked to move approvals from the previous workflow’s proofreading steps to the proofreading steps of the new one. This configuration is mainly used for projects that are changing the workflow. For new projects with no approvals, it is recommended to leave the default configuration as is.
  4. Click Save to apply changes.

Once you assign the new workflow to the project, you can set the preferred roles of your project participants in the Members tab.
Assigning Translator to the Project

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