Advanced Workflows

All Crowdin projects use Default Workflow which includes Translation ->  Proofreading -> Completion stages by default. The Advanced Workflows feature gives the possibility to ensure the highest translation quality possible and customize the translation process according to your needs.

Individual workflow could be applied to each separate translation project or all the projects at the account level. Creating the workflow enables strings to pass through several stages which begin from a pre-translation stage and end with a completion stage, with the preferred number of Proofreading steps in between. Proofreading may include editing, internal review, legal approval, QA, etc.

Accessing the Workflows Feature

  1. Click Resources in the header
  2. Select Workflows from the drop-down list Workflows Menu

Adding a Custom Workflow

  1. Click + to add your own workflow Add Workflow
  2. Name your Workflow and click Save Naming the Workflow

Customizing the Workflow

You can choose the pre-translation step (optional). It works with your Translation Memory or Machine Translation Engines. This step runs automatic pre-translation, whenever your files are updated in Crowdin (strings added or changed). To turn on the pre-translation to your workflow, check the appropriate functionality (Translation Memory or Machine Engines). Pre-Translation Stage Configuration

Add the proofreading steps by clicking the Add Proofreading Step. Adding the proofread step

Name your proofreading stages and click the Save button to apply changes. Displayed profread steps

Assigning Workflows

  1. In the Workflow to Project table, click Edit across necessary project Editing the project workflows
  2. Choose the workflow you would like to assign Choosing the workflow
  3. In the assignment window, there is also the proofreading mapping configuration that is used mainly for the projects that are changing the workflow. This functionality allows to move validation from the steps in previous workflow to the steps in the new workflow.  For newly created projects with no validation, it is recommended to leave the configuration as it is.

Once everything is configured, you can set preferred roles to your project participants. Assigning Translator to the Project

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